Home Care and Telemedicine

The idea of using technology to provide remote health care has taken off recently with the proliferation of wearable devices, and providers starting to embrace seeing patients through video chat and we Ideaclinics take pride in embracing technology meeting medical needs. 

At Ideaclinics, we are introducing telemedicine in diabetes care as a cost effective tool to achieve glycaemic targets in a patient friendly manner. Ability to interact continuously by health care providers like dietitians, diabetes educators particularly for those with poorly controlled diabetes may result in reaching goals of therapy and prevent disabling complications. There is enough evidence to suggest that majority of patients reach goals of therapy once we address issues like inadequate dosages due to fear of hypoglycemia, lack of awareness on diabetes, discontinuation of drugs meant for prevention of long term complications, wrong timing and techniques, lack of exercise etc.

These limitations can be effectively overcome if the patients are continuously interacting with the telemedicine team, attend group sessions held at the Ideaclinics. Telemedicine with support from the home care teams should facilitate a patient friendly preventive health care model which can save time and cost for the patient

Our team at the Ideaclinics comprises of a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, dietitians, diabetes educators, specialist nurses, pharmacists and psychologists/ counselors.

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Gain mobility, comfort and independence with access to our full-service solutions. Many patients and their families seek care from IdeaClinics to help them manage their health at home. Most patients have the desire to stay in their own home, others want to be able to return to work, some want to be pain free, and others want to resume their favorite activities. Each person that comes to us has a unique goal to accomplish with the help of home care. Our clinicians are well trained to assist our patients achieve their goal. 
We have set out to distinguish ourselves from other players through careful selection of our homecare team, the client-focused training of our highly-skilled caregivers and the value-based leadership practices of our management. IdeaClinics cherishes your support and looks forward to making you a satisfied customer.

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