What is Obsessive compulsive disorder?

OCD is a common disorder which is characterised by uncontrollable reoccurring thoughts and behaviours. Although many people show symptoms of the disorder, awareness of the disorder is less. They do not know that this is a disorder and there are treatments available to deal with OC effectively.

 OCD occurs as a result of many factors- genetic basis, situational or biochemical imbalance.

Obsessions refer to involuntary thoughts that are frequent, automatic and cause distress. Common obsessions include fear of dirt, germs or contamination, fear of harming others, uncommon sexual thoughts, repeated thoughts of aggression. Compulsions are ritualistic behaviour that patients do to get over the obsessive thoughts. This involves constant checking, counting, repeated cleaning and wanting a particular order in things.

Treatment involves medication along with Psychotherapy, Behaviour therapy, exposure therapy and cognitive therapy.

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