Relationship problems

It is common that every relationship goes through ups and downs. It becomes very important to keep the ride going in both good times and the bad. Relationship does not necessarily mean a couple. Relationship issue could arise between friends, between couples, between family member, between children and parents. Any such tension on a regular basis starts affecting other areas of functioning as well. Some major stressors include time, communication, priorities, chores, problem solving techniques, trust, conflict resolution etc.

Some steps that you can take to resolve issues :

  • Spend quality time.
  • Communicate using more of I statements rather than pointing out others mistake, involve in doing things together.
  • Indulge in at least one activity which can be done together.
  • Keep a "no technology" time.

We at idea clinic help you in identifying the issues that act as a source of tension in your life. Our experts in the field will guide you through various methods and techniques following which you can lead a more cheerful and fulfilling life.

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