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1. What is the reason for an increase in the number of NCDs in India?

  • Lifestyle diseases are increasing in India as a result of lack of exercise, over use of substances, dietary changes and mental stress.
  • Lifestyle diseases are a major contributor to many premature deaths in Among them, heart attacks, strokes, respiratory diseases and diabetes are the leading causes.

2. What is the crisis that COVID-19 brought?

  • People with lifestyle disorders, such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart disease, are likely to be exposed to a number of health complexities during COVID-19 period; such people should take precautions to prevent socially complex health problems.

3. How does COVID-19 affect people with lifestyle disorders or infectious dis- ease?

  • Increases the risk of When infected with COVID-19, it may lead to serious complications and even death.
  • Patients with uncontrolled diabetes/hypertension are more likely to develop kidney disease, resulting in more complications.
  • Uncontrolled blood glucose in diabetic patients can be vulnerable to infections.
  • Smokers are also often more susceptible to COVID-19, as they touch their lips frequently during Due to the poor lung function the disease may also worsen.

4. Why does the risk of COVID-19 increase in NCD patients?

  • Diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease are associated with reduced immunity; it makes them more vulnerable to infections.

5. Which category of people is most likely to get serious, if infected by Covid-19?

  • Severity / mortality of COVID-19 is more likely to be seen in people with life- style disorders/NCDs like Diabetes
  • Studies show that people older than 60 years are more likely to get sick when infected with COVID-19.

6. What are the possible adverse conditions associated with lockdown?

  • Due to interruptions in the availability of healthcare services for Endocrinologist and Dietary consultations and fear of visiting crowded hospitals for consultations can be the factors.
  • Exercises like walking, jogging also can be difficult. There is a chance for routine drug purchase.
  • Difficulty in monitoring routine blood pressure / blood glucose levels. There is chance for mental stress and problems linked with alcohol addiction.

7. What are the other alternatives for regular exercises during lockdown?

  • Exercises such as walking and jogging indoors or outdoors if possible, such as in a park in the courtyard of flat complexes.
  • In the current situation, doing all such exercises by meeting the individual safety standards, social distance, avoiding mobs and other risks.

8. How to overcome the practical difficulties in the distribution of routine medications, frequent monitoring of blood pressure / blood glucose levels?

  • Diabetes patients can take advance appointments for further treatments without interacting with other Or they can avail Diabetes Care @ Home by ringing 8008166166
  • Those who can afford glucometer and electronic BP apparatus shall purchase We can deliver from our Ideapharmacy. IDEACLINICS has ensured there is door to door delivery of medications and lab tests during these testing periods. Can contact 8008166166
  • Our endocrinologists and dietitians can interact with the patients through the phone on 8008166166

9. What should be done to maintain mental health during this period?

  • Mental health is as important as physical Any concerns you can speak with our psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • Engage in activities that bring happiness to everyone.
  • Reading, entertaining, communicating with other members, and getting in touch with other relatives over the phone may help to reduce stress.

10. How to overcome problems with drug addiction during this time?

  • Avoid habits like smoking, alcoholism and drugs.
  • Lockdown period provides the best opportunity to end all such addictions.
  • Seek out therapeutic treatment for addiction if Contact 8008166166 if you need to speak with our psychologist or psychiatrist.


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