CSR Activities


We at the IDEACLINICS believe it is our responsibility to improve the welfare of society through strategic CSR initiatives.

We understand that along with the medical care we provide to our patients, social stewardship is also a major factor for holistic approach towards a healthy society.

We do recognize that to sustain as a successful organization, we must hold accountable while delivering quality care and building a healthy society.

In pursuit of economic development by keeping the Nation healthy and positively impacts the society at large, we are determined to serve the country through various CSR initiatives on preventive Healthcare and Community wellbeing and a lot more.

Our Impact

The preventive healthcare sector in India is going through transition with the advent of technology and newer methods of service provision. The government spending on healthcare is estimated to be about 1.5% of the GDP.  Although life expectancy has increased substantially, it is still low compare to many countries.  Private hospitals provide excellent care but are beyond the reach of most people. Public hospitals are affordable but are terribly overcrowded and lack responsiveness. Tertiary care has developed substantially, but primary care needs to grow significantly. IDEA CLINICS with its healthcare systems and facilities is addressing this needs of the society

The objective for the IDEA CLINICS is to achieve the highest possible level of good health and well-being, through a preventive and pro-motive health care, and to achieve access to good quality health care services without anyone having to have disruption to their professional and personal lives.

About 25% of the total spend on CSR is focused on healthcare. However, much of the spend tends to be focused on health camps and building hospitals or donating to hospitals for upkeep of facilities which may not be fully productive.

CSR Priorities

IDEA CLINICS is where the companies can satisfy themselves for a productive spend by engaging in CSR activities around healthcare. We outline a few themes where Indian companies could refine their focus and their attention:

  • Improving primary care: There is a need to focus on primary care rather than tertiary care. IDEACLINICS has platforms with specialist doctors, single database and integrated one stop solutions where unnecessary medications from pharmacies could be refined for common ailments using information from medical records and diagnostics like blood pressure, pulse, and sugar testing. These will provide people with cheap and efficient health service.
  • Getting Services to rural areas: Through its single database supported by Teleservices and technology driven platforms guided by specialist doctor further reach into remote areas of the society can be addressed
  • Providing the communities with basic medical and paramedical training, IDEACLINICS can supplement the mainstream healthcare system. Companies could get involved in the paramedical team and, maybe, employ them to serve rural areas.
  • Reducing treatment cost: Given the high cost of medical treatment, companies could promote engagement models from the present transactional one by way of supporting with health insurance.
  • Follow-up on health checks: Companies invest significantly in health check-up camps. IDEA CLINICS can support the need to push further and track whether outcomes of health camps lead to people receiving follow-up treatment.

There is a lot that businesses can do to help Indians live longer and more fulfilling lives. IDEACLINICS is looking to collaborate with companies as it has the intent and right channels to tap into the full potential of CSR activities.