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Hybrid Care

Hybrid care is the new Vamanavatara, its neither digital nor physical, neither in-office nor at home. Instead, it’s a little of everything it’s where healthcare is headed and determined by Individual circumstances if a patient should be managed remotely, face-to-face, or both.

IDEA Clinics has overcome the challenge to combine the best aspects of both virtual and in-person medicine to deliver hybrid healthcare that proves more efficient while creating a more rewarding patient experience. While telehealth and in-person care each offer unique benefits and drawbacks, combined they create a synergistic model that delivers better, more cost-effective healthcare and more satisfied patients.

Further hybrid healthcare can scale across all geographies and demographics as technology barriers are being swept away with high-speed internet and a smartphone paving the way to seamless transition to hybrid healthcare. Various health tech companies have soon realized that physical care delivery is never going to go away completely as some healthcare services necessitate in-person delivery, even within primary care, even after the entire experience could be digitized with tools like wearables and artificial intelligence. The simple fact is, some patients want virtual care, and some don’t.

Hospitalization is one of the most expensive types of healthcare utilization, and inpatient costs have risen consistently year over year and patients prefer Healthcare Outside Hospital settings for a variety of reasons, let alone the costs, inconveniences of travel, waiting times and less patient friendly experiences.

At IDEA Clinics, with the hybrid care can let a specific patient’s needs determine the modality through which they receive care, whether at home, in clinic or over phone and ensure patients are receiving the type of care that best fits their situation.

IDEA Clinics membership program also supports value-based care where instead of being paid on a per-visit basis, they can use whichever delivery methods are most effective for their individual needs. As the population ages, older population provide a big opportunity for hybrid models with tech-enabled solutions in home health for most chronic illnesses. Seniors, though not digital natives, are taking to hybrid care.

IDEA Clinics fee-for-service ecosystem and value based care hybrid models are a cost saver by winnowing down the number of in-person consultations, and preventing more expensive outcomes through avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations. Futuristic models at IDEA Clinics is digitalizing significant portion of healthcare services and letting technology become more interwoven into the fabric of care delivery. This unique hybrid model is rightly timed, given telehealth services have waned, but digitally delivered care is becoming integral to future care. In fact all stakeholders including healthcare workers, investors and government agencies are aligned towards some sort of hybrid work model.


(Condition specific – Doctor Led – AI Driven Health Care) Value-based healthcare is an approach to healthcare that focuses on delivering the best possible outcomes

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