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IDEACLINICS – Healthcare Outside Hospitals

IDEACLINICS is launching Home Care using Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Algorithms connecting patients with healthcare providers. This can bring in a paradigm shift in how healthcare services are delivered. After all, the traditional healthcare experience no longer serves the modern healthcare consumer.

IDEACLINICS digital front door is an omnichannel engagement strategy that leverages the latest technology to create more convenient and connected patient journeys and serve the needs of the patient. With advancement in technology, the prediction is that care delivery will shift from Hospitals to patient homes. The dependence on urgent care and hospital emergency departments will lessen as the technologies and solutions expand that facilitate remote monitoring, home and virtual care ensuring continued healthcare access and addressing affordability challenges.

At IDEACLINICS, healthcare digital transformation and innovation aim to improve the patient engagement and assist them to experience holistic, personalized and orchestrated digital patient journeys.

Scenario -1: (preventive care)

  • A 50 year old woman suffers from Diabetes and is concerned about her glucose control and complications.

TRADITIONAL OPTION: She has to visit a nearby clinic or a hospital. 

IDEACLINICS DIABETES CARE AT HOME:  Ideaclinics Diabetes Care At Home team will enable complete care at home with diabetes nurses, doctors, pharmacists and a team of senior endocrinologists taking care of her health seamlessly.

Scenario -2: (illness care)

  • An elderly patient suddenly falls ill and is not sure how to manage. 

TRADITIONAL OPTION: The choice for that patient is to get admitted to a nearby hospital. IDEACLINICS HOME CARE: Ideaclinics Home Care App can enable the nearest doctor/nurse to visit the patient at home in real time, assisted by Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Algorithms, guided by a team of specialist doctors remotely provide quality care at patient’s door step ensuring convenient cost effective care. This can be in the form administering saline drips, antibiotics, performing ECG, and providing necessary treatment, all by the side of the patient bed.


(Condition specific – Doctor Led – AI Driven Health Care) Value-based healthcare is an approach to healthcare that focuses on delivering the best possible outcomes

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