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IDEA CLINICS is on a mission to build India’s biggest preventive healthcare with its tech enabled, hybrid, and remote care models within the framework of Healthcare Outside Hospitals supported by its Endocrine Clinic Chain.

While India aspires to take its position at the world stage as major economies, this reality can be facilitated by investing in preventive healthcare measures and ensuring that the population has access to quality healthcare services outside the hospital settings, after all, good health is critical to economic development and growth.

The strategies adopted by Ideaclinics include:

  • Aligning a team of senior endocrinologists from major cities in India.
  • Building integrated home care team platforms in those cities and creating healthcare kiosks in surrounding towns/villages of the concerned states.
  • Investing in technologies and integrated platforms with predictive analytics, and ensuring seamless service provision in the communities whether at homes, over phones or at nearby clinics.

Moreover, India has a vast pool of affordable skilled healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and other medical staff, who can offer remote healthcare services to patients, scope bigger than medical tourism. With a stretched healthcare systems in the West, where a specialist doctor is not readily accessible (2-3 months wait) and expensive (10-20x), India’s remote healthcare can readily fill the gap as it did for other sectors like IT industry.

Finally, while India with its Presidency at G20, plays an important role in shaping and strengthening global architecture and governance on all major international economic issues, health sector in India can contribute by looking after its population health needs and even extend it to the wider world. 

Here are 20 things that makes IDEA stand out –

1Endocrine Clinic Chain
2Preventive Healthcare Provider
3Healthcare Outside Hospitals
4Personalized Precision Care
5Healthtech and Services provider
6Diabetes Care at Home
7Addressing Human Life, quantitative and qualitative.
8Hospital Independent Care
9Hybrid Care
10Brand by Specialist Doctors
11Quality Assured
13Integrated Health
14Value Based
15Pan India
16Global Outreach
18Process Automated
19Tech Enabled
20For Life


(Condition specific – Doctor Led – AI Driven Health Care) Value-based healthcare is an approach to healthcare that focuses on delivering the best possible outcomes

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