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Infertility in Couples

Infertility in Couples - IDEA clinics

Why is getting pregnant becoming a problem?

A couple may not be able to conceive due to some problem with the body of the male partner or female partner. There are certain tests done to find out the cause.

When should a doctor be consulted?

In young couples it is recommended that they undergo certain blood tests if they do not become pregnant after 1 year of unprotected intercourse. Doctors might advise tests sooner if the woman does not have regular periods or is over the age of 35.

Tests for the male partner

In men, the doctor will take a detailed history regarding your health, sexual history, any medications you may be taking etc. A semen examination is done to check the total sperm count and quality of your sperms.

Some other tests done at Idea clinics maybe:

Blood tests –To check your hormonal levels or other genetic tests which may interfere with fertility. ?  

Ultrasound – This is an imaging test that helps to visualize inside of the body to detect any structural abnormality.

Urine tests – Urine tests can detect the direction of movement of the sperm (which in some cases maybe back into the urinary bladder during sex.)

Biopsy –is done to check the sample under a microscope where a sperm test shows a man has zero or very small quantity of sperm.

Tests for the female partner — in woman, your doctor will also take a detailed history regarding your health, sexual history, monthly periods etc.

Tests done at Idea clinics maybe:

Blood tests – to test your hormonal levels or genetic tests that may interfere with fertility.  

Ovulation tests –Ovulation is a process when an egg is released from the ovary into the fallopian tube where it is fertilized by the sperm. There are many tests to find out if a woman is ovulating.

Ultrasound, X-ray– is an imaging test to look through the inside of the body and check if there are problems or blocks within the uterus, fallopian tubes etc.

Laparoscopy– is an invasive procedure by which the doctor can see the inside of the body with a small tube with a camera passing through a small opening in the skin.

Treatment — after the test results the partners will be treated accordingly. If there are other treatment options it will be explained to the couple so that they can choose the right treatment.

Psychological counselling— at idea clinics we also counsel the couples as they might be depressed, guilty or angry with their condition. Certain relaxation techniques, meditation etc may help.


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