Obesity Treatment

Obesity Treatment & Management

Obesity means accumulation of excess fat on the body. Obesity is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of greater than 27 in Indians. The BMI is a measure of your weight relative to your height ( Weight in KIlos / by height in Mtrs square ).

IDEACLINICS is the first professional institute which has pioneered a weight management programme with the most scientific approach involving a multidisciplinary team of Endocrinologists, dietitians, physical trainers, physiotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Successful weight loss demands the right combination of good nutrition, physical activity and behavior modification.

The aim is to achieve a long term weight management with simple, enjoyable changes that will result in a healthy weight which can be maintained for rest of the life. a fad diet may appear to look like a quick fix, Idea Clinics Obesity Service believes in a diet which one can stick with for rest of their lives and particularly works on individualized programme.

Obesity Treatment

Why the Obesity Treatment at IDEA CLINICS?

Idea Clinics Obesity Services Address patients unique needs and serves differently

Though there are many Obesity centers and some beauty centers run these unscientifically  without any medical background, Obesity remains a medical condition needing intervention by professionals with medical background. IDEA CLINICS is a one stop service with endocrinologists (hormone specialists), dietitians, physical therapists, psychologists and others who can provide with individualized services based on your needs.

Weight loss should be sustainable and long term, though some Fad diets may appear to help you lose weight but most of these are short term. At IDEA CLINICS, our attempt is to provide you with the skills and knowledge to maintain weight off for life.At IDEA CLINICS, our emphasis is on helping you lose weight naturally and in a healthy way using natural diets mostly.

What are the Treatment Charges for Obesity Weight Loss at IDEA CLINICS?

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Know more about Obesity Treatment & Management

Theoretically one can lose weight by diet, exercise and life style changes , Over time, body will expend fewer calories for performing the same exercise and losing further weight can slow down as the body will try to conserve rather than burn calories.

Hormone imbalances do contribute towards weight gain in some. Cushing’s syndrome is rare but here people gain weight due to excess cortisol levels. Hypothyroidism is a common reason for some to put on weight. In women, PCOS is a major reason for weight gain as there is insulin resistance leading to weight gain. Other rare causes like Prader Willi Syndrome or Down’s syndrome cause weight gain in children.

Though ideally a combination of both is the best, some prefer to choose one over the other. Dieting alone does look promising as results are more immediate improving motivation levels, however, it may not be sustainable long term. Also, diet alone will reduce more muscle than fat.

On the other hand, exercising alone may not show immediate results but will help burn fat more than muscle. A ideal program should have a combination of various methods.

If you are overweight and wanting to lose weight, you can enroll at the nearest IDEA CLINICS or contact at the below link… or call our tele medicine services IDEA CALL for remote consultations.

If you are unhappy with our service and want to complain please email us on info@ideaclinics.com or contact at the call centre.

IDEACLINICS weight loss program is a scientific method using latest evidence in helping patients lose weight. It is not a short term method but rather works on the notion of helping you to keep off weight long term. IDEACLINICS weight loss program involves a multidisciplinary approach as causes and treatments for different patients differ and hence has to be individualised.

IDEA CLINICS weight loss program is a more authentic method which is not reliant on some fad fancy diets like keto diet etc. The aim is to make you healthy while attempting to help you lose weight long term.

Being obese increases a person’s risk of developing conditions like Diabetes,¬† High BP, High cholesterol levels, .heart disease & heart attacks, Stroke, Sleep apnea, cancer and others.

Obesity does reduce once life span and they may die young particularly those with central obesity .

Losing weight in some may prove difficult due to various reasons. Sometimes, the expectations from the efforts put in may not match the results. However, one should keep trying as in most cases results will show up albeit a little slower in some.

Weight loss surgeries are reserved only to those who struggle to lose weight conservatively. Though we don’t operate at the IDEA CLINICS, we do offer screening for eligibility and give unbiased opinion about various surgical options and available expertise in the locality and manage you before and after surgery.

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