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What causes Absent or Irregular Periods in Women

What causes Absent or Irregular Periods in Women - IDEA clinics
  • Have changed your dietary pattern and kinds of food you eat
  • Have family members with irregular periods
  • Have lot of stress
  • Have hot flashes, which feels like a heat wave that starts in the chest and face and then moves throughout your body
  • Have night sweats, which are hot flashes that occur during sleep.
  • Milky fluid coming out of your breasts
  • Have headache or vision problems

Tests — Your doctor at idea clinics will decide which tests you should have based on your age, other symptoms, and individual situation.

Common tests doctors use to find the cause of absent or irregular periods:

Pregnancy test– Pregnancy is the commonest cause of missed periods.
Blood tests– are done to measure hormone levels affecting the reproductive system.

Pelvic ultrasound– This is a technique using sound waves to visualize your uterus, cervix, and vagina or any other part of the body. Any deviation/defect can be detected by the doctor using this method.

MRI– This is a form of imaging technique using magnets in which you can detect any defect in part of the brain controlling the hormones.

Treatment— Differs on the cause of your missed periods. It also depends on whether you want to get pregnant or not.

  • Birth control pills to get your periods regularly
  • Medicines to help you get pregnant if you are having trouble getting pregnant
  • Losing weight if you are overweight, by diet control and exercise
  • Reducing exercise if you are overdoing it
  • Increasing your weight if underweight
  • Stress reduction if over stressed
  • Hormonal treatment for hot flashes (if early menopause)
  • Medicines to decrease prolactin levels (in case of high prolactin levels)


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