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What is Diabetes Reversal?

Why you should try Idea Clinics Diabetes Reversal Program?

  • Diabetes can be a progressive condition leading to unnecessary premature deaths
  • Diabetes is a major reason for heart attacks, strokes, kidney failures, blindness or foot amputations.
  • Dealing with the complications that arise from Diabetes can incur significant financial losses to individuals, their families and the Nation.
  • Living with Diabetes can cause significant psychological trauma to individuals and their families.
  • Diabetes can become a distracter for you and your family from having fruitful lives.

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Our team of Endocrinologists are here to help you deal with Diabetes.

Reverse in 100 Days

Clinically proven program to reduce blood sugar, lose weight, prevent health complications and stop/minimise medications

Dedicated Reversal Specialist

You’ll have access to speak with our team of Endocrinologists Doctors, Dieticians and Physiotherapists.

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Dr Rakesh Sahay


Dr Vrinda Agarwal

Dr G Kalyan Chakravarthy - IDEA clinics

Dr G Kalyan Chakravarthy


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Dr N Sudhakar Rao - IDEA clinics

Dr N Sudhakar Rao

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Dr P Srinivas Rao


Mr Goutham Kumar

Chief Nutritionist & Head of the Program

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Senior Nutritionist

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Health Coach