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150 + patients are out of their diabetes medications and are leading a sweet life.

Diabetes Reversal Program

Idea Clinics Offers Diabetes Reversal Program for Patients suffering from Diabetes. We have tailored therapy for each patient. This Therapy can be availed Online or One-to-One Personal Sessions and Group Sessions.

For more details contact: 8008166166

Clinical Tests, Supplements and Medications are not included in the price.


Questions on your mind !!

Can my Diabetes be reversed?

Am I Eligible for this Program ?

What is my probability of Reversing Diabetes?

S.No Maximum score Scoring Scale Patient Score
1 Age of patient (20 to 60) 5 Below 40 years = 5
Above 40 years = 0
2 Duration of diabetes (New/<5 yrs and > 5 yrs) 10 New onset = 15
Less than 5 years = 10
More than 5 yrs = 5
3 Hba1c at time of enrollment (<7.5,<9 & >9) 20 HbA1c < 7.5% = 20
HbA1c < 9.0% = 10
HbA1c > 9.0% = 0
4 BMI (<25, <27 <30 and above 30) 20 BMI > 30 = 20
BMI 27 – 30 = 15
BMI 25 – 27 = 10
BMI < 25 = 5
5 Mobility / OA Knees 5 0 -5
6 Psychological issues / Motivation levels 5 0 -5
7 Hunger and Dietary compulsions 5 0 -5
8 Ideaclinics diabetes immunology /c peptide 10 Immunology +ve = 10
Immunology -ve = 0
9 Current Medications
(glimeperide <2mg)
20 Less medications = 20
More medications = 0
10 Patient on Insulin 10 No Insulin 10
Insulin < 10 units = 5 Insulin > 10 units = 0
Score 100
The score predicts the probability of reversal in 100 days, if score is 75 then there is 75% probability of reversal. 

Disclaimer: This score is formulated based on the experiences of the IDEACLINICS team and has not been validated, so this score has to be taken as a guide

If you want to know more about  this  please contact 8008166166 & mail at

Keeping your Blood Glucose Levels in control without use of medications and insulin is called Diabetes Reversal.

Can Type 2 diabetes be reversed?

 Normal Blood Glucose levels can be achieved without medication through dietary modifications and weight loss. Sugar Levels can be maintained with few lifestyle changes like dietary modifications and physical activity, if one loses his/her weight (For e.g.- Lose 10 % of their weight). Losing fat from Pancreas and tummy fat will initiate the Diabetes Reversal Process.

Mr. Goutham Kumar - Senior Nutritionist in Hyderabad

Mr Goutham Kumar. K 
Expert in Diabetes Reversal program  

Mr. Goutham Kumar Post Graduated from University of Huddersfield, UK in the field of Food Sciences and Nutrition. He has 7 years of experience as Best Nutritionist in Hyderabad. He is also an expert in Food Products Development.

He has a vast experience in the field of Lifestyle Management, Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity, and Child Nutrition and Diabetes Reversal, Weight Management with Natural Food Therapy are his core strengths at IDEA CLINICS.

In the past 1 year, IDEA CLINICS has reversed nearly 100 patients, with a scientific approach to Diabetes Reversal and other Co-Morbid Conditions in a phased manner. Our Diabetes Reversal Therapy is based on:


  1. There will be levels of dietary patterns for each individual customized accordingly to start the process of weight loss.
  2. There will be an intensive phase that detoxifies, repairs, rehydrate and increase the fat loss, but not the muscle loss.
  3. There will also be a muscle mass building phase to balance the exercise schedule to build stamina and gain strength.
  4. The sustainability phase is to upkeep a healthy weight without any hasssle


  1. The basic Physical Activity is for initiating the free movement of the body parts. (Warm-ups)
  2. The intensive physical activity is to balance the intensive diet therapy and completely transform weak body to strong body.
  3. There will be mixture of exercises like PET exercises in our childhood with some Yogasanas.
  4. The final stage of Physical Activity is for the betterment and better understanding of one’s capacity to exercise.


  1. Our Psychologists and Psychiatrists will provide support and counseling required for aiding weight loss.
  2. Providing CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), managing Binge Eating, Portion Control and other areas of mental support


We provide the best medical support with modern technology of monitoring ones Blood Glucose levels to verify the process. We have systems of Daily and weekly monitoring with expert guidance. This will ensure timely corrective action for optimal outcome. For more info on CGMS click here

Key aspects:

  • A unique combination  including endocrinologists specialists, dietitians, psychologists, physical therapists and psychiatrists when needed.
  • Body Composition Analysis (Fat vs Muscle)
  • Additional support of supplements wherever required.
  • Scientific Medication dosage adjustment whenever necessary.

Diabetes Reversal Program Idea clinics

The First Diabetes Reversal Program is a 2-hour session that gives a clear understanding of how one’s body is able to process foods and how Diabetes is affected.

Topics covered in the program:

  1. What is Diabetes Reversal?
  2. What are the stages of Diabetes Reversal
  3. How to avoid and stop medicines and still maintain normal sugar levels.
  4. How to reverse few complications related to heart, nerves, kidneys and eyes.
  5. How to reverse related disorders like High BP, hypothyroid treatment, obesity, PCOD/S, etc.

Online Diabetes Reversal Program

If one can’t physically attend our IDEA CLINICS branches, we have an online session that will smartly educate you about diabetes and diabetic reversal. It is a convenient offering that will save your time and travel efforts.

In this online session, we will guide you through the stages of the reversal program through an audio session and a presentation. Key topics covered in the program are same as One to One Sessions quoted in Diabetes Reversal Program.

Group Diabetes Reversal Program (One to One / Online)

This program is a step-by-step, approach for 3 months where you will learn how to achieve your health goals. It consists of customized guidance and group therapy that will transform your Health in a Better way.

Key Program Features :

Periodic doctor support from day 1 for reporting sugar levels and getting your insulin/ medicine dose adjusted,

3-4 Group Sessions (online or In-person), and a minimum of 4 Medical Consultations depending on complications status.

The 3-4 group sessions at monthly intervals take you through the understanding and implementation of the four IDEA CLINICS protocols – diet, exercise, behavioral change and medication in a stage wise.

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