Worried about Visiting Hospitals?
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Worried about Visiting Hospitals?
Annual Diabetes Package
Blood Tests 3 Times, Urine Tests 2 Times,
4 Endocrine & Nutritionist Consultation, Eye Screening for Retinopathy
Diabetes Foot Screening for Neuropathy - ₹10000/-

Global Endocrinologists at Idea Clinics

Prof. Dr. N. Sudhakar Rao MBBS, DM - Endocrinology Idea Clinics

Prof. Dr. N. Sudhakar Rao

Prof. Dr. N. Sudhaka ...

Prof. Dr. Rakesh Sahay MBBS, DM - Endocrinology, DNB - Internal Medicine Idea Clinics

Prof. Dr. Rakesh Sahay

Profile Details Join ...

Prof. Neelaveni Idea Clinics

Prof. Neelaveni

Dr. K Neelaveni is a ...

Prof Srinivas Rao MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DNB - Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism Idea Clinics

Dr Srinivas Rao

He has obtained his ...

Dr. Murali Krishna Ganguri

Fellowship & Me ...

Dr vrinda ideaclinics

Dr Vrinda Agrawal

After completing MBB ...

Dr arun ideaclinics

Dr Arun

Experience — D ...

Dr.Kalyan Chakravarthy Idea Clinics

Dr.Kalyan Chakravarthy

He has trained at re ...

Dr Shyam Ideaclinics

Dr Shyam Kalavalapalli

He has trained at re ...

Dr Meher Prasad Idea Clinics

Dr Meher Prasad

Dr. Y.D.Meher Prasad ...

Dr Kishor Endocrinology Specialist Idea Clinics

Dr Kishor

Trained at Yashoda H ...

Dr. Pallavi Rao Endocrinologist Idea Clinics

Dr. Pallavi Rao

Dr. Pallavi D Rao co ...

Dr Siddharth ideaclinics

Dr. Siddhartha Chakravarthy

Dr. Siddhartha Chakr ...

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About Idea Clinics

IDEA CLINICS is a clinic chain for Diabetes and endocrinology care formed by some of the reputed Endocrinologists across India. Endocrinologists are super specialists in the field of Diabetes and Endocrinology. Our team of specialists work together to create an individualized treatment plan for you.

Our team may include an endocrinologist, Diabetes educator and dietitian They will work closely with you to manage your diabetes effectively. IDEA CLINICS will ensure there is comprehensive screening and if required prompt referral to eye, kidney and foot specialists when needed.

Our approach is holistic

IDEA CLINICS for the first time across India has launched some of the best services for Diabetes care and its complications and has reputation as the most popular service provider. We have integrated care services for Diabetes and its complications and provides the most up-to-date services on par with the rest of the world. IDEA CLINICS has in house labs, pharmacy supported by tele diabetes and home care services

What our Patients Say about us

  • "A specialty endocrinology clinic.. very knowledgeable and good team of doctors..Establishing various parts of twin cities..All the best.. very patient friendly and zeal to apply the technology with human touch to give the most robust treatment and help the patient ..kudos to idea clinics."
    Adepu Sainath
  • "I have visited Idea Clinics for Dr. Shyam Kalavalapalli he is very good and having patience will give a lot of confidence to the patient he will recommend a good way I was happy with his consultation."
    Taran Singh
  • "Great Experience, I wish all the doctors and clinics work the way these guys do. Always responsive and willing to help. With Doctor Kayan Garu I finally feel that I can drop my guard and trust the advice that I'm getting"
    Steaven K
  • "The best hospital ever!!! It's like a family here. The Staff were ALL very friendly and helpful. I 'm absolutely satisfied. The best place to trust your health"
    Nani KN
  • I have been following Dr shyam sunder garu from last 3 years. I am very happy with the treatment of shyam garu. Now sugar level is very normal below 120. Thank u shyam garu.
    Chakradhar Vennapu