World Class

Diabetes Home Care Packages

Trained and Certified Staff

Our Home care are trained and certified - So you get best care @ comfort of your home

Certified Labs

Our labs, equipment are NABL accredited. Our staff are well trained and we can say all the reports are 100% accurate.

Dedicated Personal Coach

Personalised care is core of everything we do at Idea Clinics. For every plan, you'll have dedicated coach to talk whenever you'd like

Basic Plan

Worried about visiting hospitals and clinics. Our team will visit you with all safety measures and help manage your diabetes.
5000 (usually 10000)
  • Endocrinologist Consultation
  • Home Visit
  • Required Blood & Urine Tests
  • Eye Screening Diabetic Retinopathy.
  • Foot screening for Diabetic Neuropathy.
  • Dietary assessment
  • Prescription from the best Endocrinologists.
  • Free Delivery of Medicines
  • Access to Idea Skills Learning Centre
  • Health Coach Personal Support


Complete A to Z Diabetes Care for whole year. Our team will visit you with all safety measures and help manage your diabetes.
10000 (usually 20000)
  • All that is included in Basic plan +
  • First visit will include complete blood, urine, eye and foot screen with endocrinologist and dietary consultations with home delivery of medicines
  • Second visit within 3 months with a home visit for blood tests and endocrinology consultation
  • Third visit within 3 months with Diabetes 1 package with endocrinology consultation
  • Endocrine and Dietary consultations over telephone

Plan for Patients on Insulin

With new advances in technology, monitoring with glucose sensors and insulin treatment with Pumps is the future of diabetes.
1000 Per Month
  • CGMS Device
  • Consultation over phone with endocrinologists and dietitians.
  • Support from our telediabetes team for Insulin dose adjustments.
  • Our team will get you to speak with the Endocrinologist of your choice

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