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Androgen Replacement In Men

Androgen Replacement In Men - IDEA clinics
  • Less tiredness
  • Normal sexual drive
  • Side effects to androgen replacement in men
  • Increased red blood cell levels
  • Blood clots

Body changes that occur in the pre-teen and teen years, such as:

  • Acne
  • Aggressive behaviour – more common in boys and teens.
  • Breast enlargement increase in the risk of heart attack or stroke in some individuals – caution to be taken for older individuals.

Regular blood tests and exams are done at Centres of Idea clinics to check testosterone levels and to look for any side effects.

Route of administration— Testosterone is given in an injection (shot), patch, gel, or tablet you put on your gums. Those who use patches, gels or tablets should wash their hands after application as it can adhere to other peoples skin causing side effects. The area applied should be covered by clothes.

Is androgen replacement needed in men over 60? — It is normal for testosterone to lower in men as they grow older. Actually, normal aging causes some of the same changes that happen in men with low testosterone, such as less energy or interest in sex.

Men older than 60 might have testosterone replacement if:

Symptoms are troubling them very much

  • 2 or 3 blood tests show very low testosterone levels
  • No past h/o heart attack or stroke
  • No other treatable cause for the symptoms


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