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Life is the most precious thing that can be measured both in quantity and quality, the former addresses premature deaths and the latter is the ability to live healthily outside Hospitals. Human health and healthcare are existential human needs. Though India boasts to have the biggest number of healthcare specialists and human resources that is adaptable to various technologies, the healthcare still remains elusive, transactional, and fragmented at individual and National level that is also inconvenient to patient pushing him/her towards a hospital bed.

The solution to our healthcare problem lies in strengthening “Healthcare Outside Hospitals” which we have long ignored. Unfortunately, in our minds, big hospitals in big cities with specialists constitute good healthcare. A good starting point to reimagine healthcare is by integrating healthcare delivery, between different states, different private and government stakeholders whether from technologies, diagnostics, doctors and others.


  • Endocrine Clinic Chain
  • Preventive Healthcare Provider
  • Healthcare Outside Hospitals
  • Personalized Precision Care
  • Healthtech and Services provider


  1. Purpose: Addressing Human Life, quantitative and qualitative.
  1. Hospital Independent Care:  Health care is transiting from the historical real estate dependent hospital care to technology led care outside the hospitals. Except for major surgeries and emergencies, most of today’s healthcare needs can be catered better within the communities.
  2. Hybrid Care: For an ideal healthcare model, technology should be able to assist and not replace human element. 
  3. Brand by Specialist Doctors: In India, most branded hospitals derive their value from individual doctors at the beginning.
  4. Quality Assured: Process Automation of health conditions using technologies with support from specialists.
  5. Professional: Apart from the commerce, health care has other verticals like research, academics, skill development which provide organizations with the soft power.
  6. Integrated Health: Health care cannot be fragmented or provided in piecemeal. Integrating various aspects with patient centric approach can provide a lasting value and new solutions.
  7. Value Based: Taking ownership of people’s health so that they can focus on their professions and families.1
  8. Pan India: In India each City and State behave as different Nation with regards to healthcare. 
  9. Global Outreach: With advancements of technologies and significant health care providers in the Western world from Indian heritage, there is scope for outsourcing healthcare needs to India.


(Condition specific – Doctor Led – AI Driven Health Care) Value-based healthcare is an approach to healthcare that focuses on delivering the best possible outcomes

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